Me Femme


You have so many femininity in your soul! Thanks to the big contribution from my beloved mom who never makes me feel worse in my worst situation in life.

At young age, I was abandoned. No matter what, I decided to stand strong while everyone has a home and a family to stick with. I slept so many nights with only beautiful memories of my mom and my once was a warm family.

I prefer to not feel bad of how I act or being too friendly or some people call it “much femininity” with my female friends or colleague. I have no doubt with my less discrimination or differentiation. People who said it might not think it in a bad way, but it’s good to express this in general. Many people would doubt my performance differently.

Live a life that you feel that you cause no harm to anyone. That’s how you should be. 🙂

#ReasonsToLive #Feminism #GenderDoubts #Friendship #BeingMe#ThoughtoftheDay

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ចូលចិត្តនិយាយអានសៀវភៅ ស្ដាប់​តន្ដ្រី ពិភាក្សា និង​ចែក​រំលែក​គំនិត​យោបល់​ទាក់​ទង​នឹង​ពាណិជ្ជកម្ម...

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