My New Boss

Not much updates from me today. Anyway, more than baby Jesus is born, my boss’s boy, Samai, is born. 🙂 Look at him he’s quiet and lovely. Well, everyone also ask me when I want to get married. ^_^ A common question for people my age, but… but I haven’t thought about that yet. haha. 

inCompassers visit Nadia and Fernando to congratulate them for Samai is now sleeping safe and sound in his little bed. His mom seems very healthy. Through my experience, seeing my mom and other moms, Nadia is very lucky this strong and healthy after giving birth a few days later. Fernando, a sweet man, really give a good example to other fathers. I’m sure he does a lot of things. Well, we talked about contraction, breast feeding, maternity process, seeing some pictures (including cutting the umbilical cord ones), some updates from work. Yeah all the good things happen. Not long before we leave, came a nice couple to visit Samai as well. I also heard that not long after we leave there would be another visit. Visitors keep the new parents busy. If it were my turn, I would give everyone a calendar and schedule for visiting us. haha. I’m just kidding. 
I had the chance to talk about Khmer traditional ways for mothers and delivery process. There were tons of strange ways Khmer elders used to treat moms and babies like 10 years ago and even way worse 30 or 50 years ago. I got the chance to see some of these old remedies when I was young in my hometown. Moms were weak after giving birth. They were given liquid herbs, allowed to sleep on a warm bed with burned charcoal below it. These women were told not to comb her hair for a period of time, no shower and some kind of food or meat were forbidden. Strangely, elders sprinkled grinded black pepper on newly cut umbilical cords to prevent from Mae-rohk, etc. Nowadays, we can still see or hear these kinds of dangerous methods in some rural areas of Cambodia. Modern people are practicing or following safe doings like going the a public hospital or clinic for regular health check both moms and children.  
Forget to tell everyone that Nadia and Fernando name their first born Samai which is a Khmer name meant “Generation”. For Khmer common or daily talks, Samai would sound like imagination, dream. It was a great time we had together, and here are some pictures from the visit. Have a good weekdays tomorrow (Cambodia Time). 

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ចូលចិត្តនិយាយអានសៀវភៅ ស្ដាប់​តន្ដ្រី ពិភាក្សា និង​ចែក​រំលែក​គំនិត​យោបល់​ទាក់​ទង​នឹង​ពាណិជ្ជកម្ម...

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